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Together, We're Stronger individually!

More influence and clout with carriers
SAP helps its member agencies understand their book of business
Consultative support for Agency owners
Benefit of tremendous buying Power with SAP’s scale and size
Being part of a like-minded group of agency owners
Improved profit sharing and contingency revenue to your agency
SAP negotiates and earns higher profit-sharing factors for their affiliated agencies
Enhanced and bonus commissions from carriers including wholesalers!
Production incentive programs!
Opportunity to write with the most respected carriers in the nation and region!
Coordinated production planning with participating carriers
Carrier relationships that solve problems for member agencies
Every Affiliated Agency remains INDEPENDENTLY owned and operated – 100%!
You can exit with no pain at any time
Your Agency Name remains on the Dec Page
Periodic meetings to engage with SAP Affiliated Agency Owners
And so much more!
Just give us 30 minutes to understand how your Agency can be stronger individually with SAP!
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